High Definition Golf simulators boasts the industry’s most comprehensive and accurate club-and-ball tracking system. What does that mean for you? A couple of degrees can mean the difference between hitting a fairway or green, while a degree can impart the subtle fade or draw of an excellent shot-maker. The game of golf is about fine details. The slightest improvement in the angle of your club path or clubface can take your game to an entirely new level. 



High Definition simulators make more measurements more accurately than any other virtual golf simulator on the market today. This data is critical to realistic ball flight simulation, providing you with the information you need to enhance your swing and perfect your game.


HD Golf  Simulator Measurements:

  • Distance
  • Ball speed
  • Club-head speed
  • Efficiency (“smash factor”)
  • Launch angle
  • Swing-path
  • Club head angle at impact
  • Ball position re: club-head at impact
  • Ball spin
  • Spin axis
  • Trajectory
  • Shaft flex/deflection (with additional module)
  • Load factor
  • Swing acceleration
  • Angle of Attack
  • Swing tempo

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